Cambria was born out of a passion to help people express themselves through shared experiences that were intentionally designed and successfully executed. Doing this right requires a studio, an inventory, and a team of creatives who make magic with whatever they're given. This team shares the igniting passion that started this business, and each foxy lady attacks her focus area with excellence.


"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of successful women who have her back."




I’ve always had a passion for design. My education and experience began in 1997 in the floral industry, and evolved into interior design, finally expanding into full event design and coordination in 2011, when Cambria Custom Events was established. 


After more than two decades in the wedding industry, I realize what really drives me is the creative work of expressing people authentically in the events they host. More important than beautifully decorated spaces, are the experiences that happen in them, and the stories they tell about the people who host them. That's what excites me—well-laid plans and creative spaces that express. 


That, and allowing the hosts and hostesses of these events to actually EXPERIENCE them! So often, a bride and groom throw an amazing celebration that they don't get to truly experience because they are coordinating all of it. I understand the desire to take ownership of an event and really make it your own. It's my personal mission to let you do that, without having to shoulder all the work and stress.

Hixson’s School of Floral Design

IPFW | Event Planning Certification 

Custom Florals & Interior Design

Wedding Ceremony Coordinator 

Owner Cambria Custom Events


I definitely have a passion for the details. Throughout my career—from finance, to retail managment, to over 10 years of experience in event planning—it really comes down to all the pieces working together perfectly so nothing slipping through. It's those tiny details that make all the difference!


When working with our clients, I really like to dig into a couple's vision, needs, and wants. With a clear assesment of your goals, we can coordinate everything from a unique design, to vendor bookings, rentals, detailed scheduling, and thorough communication, while keeping everything in budget. Managing multiple aspects of this planning process, requires attention to detail, creative problem-solving, and follow-through. That's what I bring to the table, and what makes designing each unique wedding celebration so satisfying. 

Executive Assistant



IPFW | Business - Management & Marketing

Ceruti's | Event Planner & Decor Specialist


I love to see how every aspect comes together on the day of a wedding and to see how each bride’s unique personality is displayed through her colors, flowers, and dress; along with space, decor, and detail choices.


My wedding experience started with wedding photography, and grew from there. When seen through the lens, it's easy to sum up what each successful event has in common—genuine people, in a personalized environment, having a wonderful time. The best photographer in the world can't forge that if it's not there.

I did an internship in high school with Cami and had so much fun watching her attend to those details that make events comfortable and authentic! I love working with her now as her assistant and playing a larger role in her business.


I spend most of my spare time taking photos and working on my photography business, Riya Photo. I also love being active and being outdoors!

Content & Social Media Specialist



Owner Riya Photo

Photography Assistant

Professional Photography Certification Student

Underwater Scuba Certification Student



Coordination Assistant

I love being able to make someone else's vision come to life, and to see their faces when they see the final result. Knowing that I had a part in making someone's day, is the best feeling in the world.


I'm the go-to details girl on the events I work on. I'm there to make sure the vision really becomes reality—come rain, shine, or alien invasion.


I am going to Manchester University to get my Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Management. I went to Eagle Tech Academy where I helped run the Advisory program my sophomore year. I also planned multiple events including the first graduating class goodbye party while attending the school. Now I am working freelance for companies planning expos, company events, and weddings.


Manchester University | Marking & Business Management Student

Eagle Tech Academy Graduate

Eagle Tech Advisory Program Alumni

Freelance Event Planner




General Manger, The Van Buren

The Van Buren is a recently renovated, historic venue in the hub of downtown Columbia City. Its history of fraternity, festivity,and fabulous atmosphere define its style. Offering flexibility for each client, from the bravest do-it-yourselfer to those looking for the full-service package, I believe in empowering you to host your most memorable experience. Partnering with the Cambria Custom Events team, we offer our clients highly customized designs that bring your vision to life. 


As the general manager, it's my privilege to be part of celebrations held at The Van Buren because I believe in the value of celebrating life. It’s special to witness the sparkle of excitement in the eyes of so many who are planning once-in-a-lifetime events. It's even more special to see those plans come to life in such a special facility.

I love providing a place and partnering with a design team, to give the people of this community and surrounding cities a way to celebrate together.


I'm committed to helping create memorable events with the highest quality customer service and satisfaction. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to deliver the best experience in the industry.